Who is RabbleVID?:

We are a new twist on local news, bringing the community breaking news and events as they happen. You no longer have to wait for the TV or Radio news stations, you can get the story as it happens from people who see local events unfold.


We have a team of local journalists, editors, and producers breaking stories with the help of hundreds of thousands of people who see events happening and share what they see and capture on their cellphones and tablets. We have created a digital destination on our website and mobile apps for Apple and Android.


How to “Rabble” or send stories to RabbleVID:

  • Visit RabbleVID.com or download our app.
  • app store google play
  • Sign up and use the same email address as your PayPal account, or create a new one (this is how we pay you).
  • See something happening and capture it with your smartphone.
  • Upload it through the app or website. Be sure to include as much information as you can and tag the location.
  • Our team of producers will review the video and information
  • If your story is selected, you get paid directly to your PayPal account!
  • Share the posting and spread the word!