Anthrocon ‘Furries’ return to Pittsburgh

The ‘Furries’ are back! Anthropo-maniacs dressed as foxes, wolves, dogs, birds, and more are taking over the David L. Lawrence Convention Center at Anthrocon this weekend, and the furry fun has already begun.

Anthrocon is more than just a bunch of furry creatures. The convention donated $32,579 for the Pittsburgh Zoo in 2016 and over $240,000 to animal-related charities in PA.

Rabble Girl spoke with John Cole, Director of Public Outreach/Public Relations for Anthrocon, who told us how the Furries ended up in Pittsburgh (the convention was originally in Philly!)

Cole further explains that Furries are more than just people in costume.

Cole also tells us why Furries LOVE Pittsburgh.

According to VisitPITTSBURGH, the convention attracts people from more than 20 countries and 8,000 people are estimated to attend.

Rabble Girl joined the Furries on the Gateway Clipper Thursday afternoon for the very first “Furry Cruise”!

Anthrocon, a convention for those fascinated with anthropomorphics (a huminized animal), takes place Thursday through Sunday.

2017 is the convention’s 11th year in the Burgh and has contributed more than $53.2 million in direct spending to the city, according to Craig Davis, President & CEO of VisitPITTSBURGH.

Visit Anthrocon Pittsburgh’s website or Facebook page for more information or click here for the full schedule of events.