Boy with one hand hits two-run homer in Little League game

Keenan Briggs, an 11-year-old baseball fan from Kentucky, has been gaining a lot of attention lately for his athletic abilities.

At a recent all-star Little League tournament, Keenan hit a two-run shot and led his team to victory. The move would be impressive for any young boy, but it was especially so for Keenan, who was born without part of his left arm.

Watch Keenan’s super hit, and the crowd’s excited reaction, courtesy of family friend Chuck Owsley on Twitter.

In the video, Keenan provides a powerful hit when the ball is pitched his way, prompting the woman holding the camera to say, “Yes. Yes!” Moments later, the whole ball field erupts in cheers as they realize Keenan has hit a home run, with one player already on base.

According to ESPN, the awesome hit was young Keenan’s very first career home run.

“It felt great,” the boy told ESPN. “Once I hit it, I just knew it was going. It was amazing.”

Keenan was born with a congenital upper limb difference, meaning he is missing all or part of an upper limb. Clearly Keenan’s disability has not hindered his baseball talent, as he is a clutch hitter for Warren County South’s Little League All-Star team in Kentucky.