A Cheetos themed restaurant is coming to New York City

Cheetos lovers may have finally found their heaven. Frito-Lay and celebrity chef Anne Burrell are teaming up to bring a Cheetos themed restaurant to New York City.

The Spotted Cheetah” will open as a pop-up restaurant for three days from August 15th to the 17th. The menu offers Cheetos lovers creations they only thought were possible in their dreams. Cheetos meatballs, Cheetos-breaded fried green tomatoes, Cheetos-topped tacos and even a Cheetos Sweetos-crusted cheesecake are some of the items featured on the menu.

In this commercial, Burrell and Chester Cheetah let their minds wonder to a kitchen full of Cheetos creations.

This limited-seating restaurant is already booked for all three days, but people can try to join the waiting list on the website – TheSpottedCheetah.com.

Meals at “The Spotted Cheetah” are expected to range from $8 to $22.