Climber barely escapes major rockfall

A climber nearly took a long fall down the side of a vertigo-inducing cliff in Chulilla, Spain.

In video uploaded to YouTube, a man scales the side of a mountain, using a pick to dislodge a large chunk of rock.

As giant rocks are wedged loose and fall down the side of the cliff, the climber quickly moves, appearing to avoid the rockfall by a mere few feet.

The cameraman yells “whoa!” as the rocks tumble all the way down the mountain.

He briefly shows the climber again, who looks mesmerized by the crumbling mountain, before panning back down to the rocks falling below.

The video description, originally posted on Vimeo, explains the climber is a crag developer who was cleaning up a new crag by removing some loose rock.

ABC News reports no one was hurt by the rockfall.