Customers trash Chick-fil-A during outburst

Even chicken nuggets aren’t that serious?

A Jacksonville Chick-fil-A was trashed over issues with an order of cold chicken nuggets Monday night. Allison Music posted video on her Facebook page, saying she saw a teenage boy arguing with an employee over an order for 20 minutes before two women approached the counter.

Allison was waiting in line during the incident. She says the manager locked the doors while the women were yelling with store employees. An employee told the women to leave because the store was closing. One of the women attempted to re-enter the store and began beating on the locked door. The chaotic situation was detailed by Allison on her Facebook post.

“The manager has already locked to doors so nobody can get in. These females beat on the door trying to bust the glass and pull and jiggle the door handle till the door handle literally breaks off the door. Well they couldn’t get in that way so they proceed to go through the other door. This one happens to be unlocked. So then they start yelling and arguing with the works. (The manager is on the phone with the police by now.) Every time something goes down I always have it on my phone just in case. Well this can be a learning lesson for us all.”

In another video, a woman is seen throwing straws and condiment packets as the incident escalated.

Allison’s videos have been viewed over 1,500,000 times.