Disney World reopens as Irma moves away from Florida

The Happiest Place on Earth may not be as happy as usual right now, but it is reopening Tuesday.

Walt Disney World Today announced Monday afternoon that after closing on Sunday and Monday, it would once again open it’s doors to guests, the morning of September 12th.

WDW Today made the announcement on Twitter.

The resort notes that while the main parks will reopen Tuesday, the Disney water parks will remain closed for now.

WDW Today has been keeping Disney fans and current park guests updated through a series of tweets ever since Hurricane Irma first touched down in Florida.

FPL also gave an update, sharing news that Disney World crews left the park while it was closed to lend a hand during the storm.

Disney World is known for staying open year round, through any type of weather, and even on holidays. News of the mega-resort closing shocked many, as it was only the 6th time the family destination has closed in its 45-year history, CNN reports.

When Disney lovers got wind the park would reopen, they started making plans — especially since some families had traveled from afar to visit the park.

There is currently no word on if the park suffered any damage, or when the water parks will reopen.