Dog saves baby deer from drowning

A deer on the verge of drowning was rescued by an unlikely hero — an English golden retriever!

Mark Freeley of New York was taking a stroll along the shore of the Long Island Sound with his two pups, Storm and Sara, when he noticed a small deer struggling out in the water.

Before he could even comprehend what was going on, Storm jumped into the water, swam out to the deer and brought it back to shore.

A quick-thinking Freeley caught the surprising rescue on camera and shared it on YouTube.

In the video, Storm grabs the little deer by the neck while Freeley exclaims, “Good boy, Storm, bring him in!” The pup quickly returns to land, deer in tow, where the fawn tries to run before collapsing.

Storm, seemingly worried about his new pal, nudges the deer and pulls on it’s hoof.

The video ends with Storm’s attempted revival, but Freeley tells CBS New York that as soon as experts arrived to check on the fawn, it ran right back into the water, prompting a second rescue.

“The second rescue was a lot of anxiety,” Freeley said, explaining that the deer went out further into the water the second time. Freeley and Frank Floridia of Strong Island Rescue both waded out into the water this time, using a rope to get a hold of the animal, which took about eight minutes.

Rescue teams were eventually able to bring the deer back to a rescue van. CBS New York reports by that time, the small fawn was covered in ticks and had an eye injury. It will stay at an area animal rescue until it is well enough to return to the wild.