Eagles fan enjoys disgusting meal after Super Bowl

The incredible joy that comes with winning a championship can make people do some strange things, even very disgusting things they otherwise would never do.

In the midst of Philadelphia celebrating the Eagles first ever Super Bowl title, one fan decided to enjoy a special meal in front of the crowd, a meal of horse poop. Yes, that’s right, an Eagles fan took it upon himself to get on his hands and knees and eat poop, poop that was left by a police horse patrolling the scene.

The bizarre and disgusting video was posted by @murphy818 on Twitter.

For most of us, no championship or any great event in our lives, would trigger a desire to eat poop of any kind, especially not of the horse variety. But this guy is different. This guy is apparently a true fan. He’s waited his entire life for an Eagles Super Bowl title and an opportunity to consume some horse poop in front of his fellow fans.

Enjoy this, my friend. You may never have another chance to…eat horse poop…again…