Fans hold “Racism is as American as Baseball” banner at Fenway

When many think of America, baseball is one of the first things they think of. Unfortunately, for many others racism is also something that comes to mind.

“Racism is as old as baseball” was written in big bold letters on a banner that was on display on Fenway Park’s famous “Green Monster in Boston during the Red Sox’s game on Wednesday. Two women and one man were seen holding the banner in the middle of the fourth inning. A video was posted on Twitter by @thecrystallens with the hashtag #SocialJustice. 

The crowd booed the banner until it was taken down and the protestors holding it were removed by security.

Fenway Park is one of the oldest stadiums in professional sports and is home to one of baseball’s most historic franchises, which makes it even more notable than if this incident happened somewhere else. Boston fans were also involved in a controversy just this past May, when Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones claimed he was taunted with racial slurs by fans sitting in the Fenway bleachers.