Flooding in Greene County strands workers

Severe flooding all over western Pennsylvania is wreaking havoc Friday morning.

One RabbleVID user says he is stranded in Greene County and sent us video of a creek flooded 5-6 feet high over the road.

This is at the intersection of Aleppo Road and McClellan Avenue in Wind Ridge, PA.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the intersection. The picture on the left is the road as shown on Google Maps.

Chris, who works on an oil rig, says he and a few of his coworkers have been stranded on Aleppo Road for hours– since early Friday morning.

Chris says they cannot get to the work site. They also cannot turn around to go back to their homes due to flooding on major roads such as Route 21 near Waynesburg.

The National Weather Service says the rain is expected to change into freezing rain and ice later Friday afternoon. It will change to snow Friday night into Saturday morning.

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