Foodies have Greek fever at ‘Taste of Greece’ festival

Greek food fans flock to the North Hills for a taste of their favorite country’s best eats.

From Wednesday, August 30th to Sunday, September 3rd, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in McCandless Township, PA will host it’s annual “Taste of Greece” food and heritage festival.

RabbleVID user ringasunn took an early trip to the celebration, and sent us some video of all the food and festivities.

In the video, viewers get a sneak peek of the festival’s menu, which includes Greek classics like spanakopita, grape leaves and skewered lamb, along with other traditional treats.

Though the yearly fair is known for the authentic food served, church guests also have the opportunity to browse Grecian art, clothing, jewelry and trinkets, all while listening to customary music and watching Greek dance performances.

According to Holy Trinitiy’s website, the festival will also offer guests tours of the brand new church on the parish’s site.

“Taste of Greece” is free to attend, and is open to parishioners and guests.