Ice jams send dock floating down Ten Mile Creek

Bitter cold temperatures followed by a warm front bringing heavy rains is the perfect mixture for disastrous conditions in area waterways.

Ice jams in Ten Mile Creek in Millsboro, PA has dislodged a dock and is sending it downstream. Leonard Stickovich posted the video on Facebook Friday. The dock appears completely untouched– with Adirondack chairs virtually untouched. A string of barrels remains attached to the dock as well. Other debris such as sticks and logs are jammed with the ice.

The video was shot where Ten Mile Creek connects to the Mongahela River. It’s unclear if the dock came from someone’s property along the creek or the river.

Ice jams were causing flooding along the Allegheny River Friday morning.

This video from Clarion River Cook Forest shows a timelapse of ice jams floating down the Clarion River.

Just as quickly as the warm temperatures came, they are falling fast. Temperatures will plummet to 5 degrees Saturday night. Click here for the full forecast.