Irma related death toll rises, Floridians face new threat

Although Irma’s 130 mph winds have died down, and flood waters have subsided, Floridians are facing a new threat due Irma knocking out electricity.

According to the Associated Press, authorities indicated that five people died from carbon monoxide poisoning from generators, and more 12 were treated for breathing in the toxic fumes. The temporary power sources endangered people in the Orlando, Miami and Daytona Beach areas.

This video from the Associated Press shows a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office addressing one of the fatal carbon monoxide incidents.

In Broward County, five people have died in the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills that had no electricity, according to Mayor Barbara Sharief.

Wednesday morning, “Sharief confirmed during a news conference that three residents died at the center and two died at the hospital,” according to the Associated Press. No additional information is currently available.

“The number of deaths blamed on Irma in Florida climbed to 13 with the carbon monoxide deaths, in addition to four in South Carolina and two in Georgia. At least 37 people were killed in the Caribbean,” the Associated Press reports.

Irma destroyed at least 25 percent of the homes in the Keys and severely damaged about 65 percent of them, according to FEMA administrator, Brock Long.

This video posted by the Associated Press, you can see the mass destruction Irma has caused for Floridians.

“…31 state agencies had already amassed nearly $250 million in preparation and recovery expense,” according to the Associated Press.