Kid picks up beer can at Pirates game

One of the best things about being a baseball fan is throwing back a cold beverage at the ballpark. The only key to this is making sure you are of legal age, if your beverage of choice is a cold beer.

Just as the camera scanned a section of PNC Park during the Pirates game, it showed a kid picking up a can of Coors Light. It looks as if he goes to take a sip right as the camera moves off of him and the adults of legal drinking age next to him.

Now we all will forever wonder what the camera missed. Did the adult take the beer away from the boy before he took a sip? Did the kid drink from the can? Was it simply an accident and the boy picked up the wrong drink by mistake? Was the young boy so disgusted at watching the Pirates he needed to indulge? We may have been robbed from these answers, but we can still enjoy a this odd moment caught on video.