Man tries to capture unwelcome bat in hilarious viral video

It was a calm an quiet evening at Tadgh Fleming’s Ireland home — until a bat broke in, that is.

Fleming posted a video to Facebook Tuesday of a little bat flying around his kitchen, while another man (possibly Fleming’s dad) tries vehemently to catch the creature with a towel. Fleming and his mother run away in fear, and his mom actually leaves the home, electing to watch the chaos from outside.

Watch the bat wreak havoc in the video below, to which Fleming even added graphics to make the footage even funnier.

WARNING: This video contains explicit language.

“Catch him, Derry!” Fleming repeatedly shouts at the man through the video.

Derry, the fearless man with the towel, tries (and fails) for several minutes to capture the bat as it erratically flutters around the room.

“You’re doing great, you’re doing great,” Fleming occasionally quips, while hiding behind a door, yelping and swearing when the bat flies near.

Derry, who Fleming refers to as “Bat Dad” at the beginning of the video, eventually catches the winged animal and bravely releases it outside.

According to text at the end of the video, Fleming originally posted the LOL-worthy story to Snapchat.

The video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times since it was posted earlier Tuesday morning.