Pittsburgh announces plans for continued city park improvements

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Public works announced Wednesday morning it would continue city park improvement efforts in the coming year.

In 2017, the city made 27 playground and park improvements, and now plans to add new amenities to another 29 play areas in 2018.

The city revealed the following list of park improvements made in 2017:

  • Banksville Park: installed concession stand, sidewalks, patio, picnic tables and graded site
  • Brookline Memorial: sidewalk repair
  • Chartiers Park: installed field goal post for youth football program
  • Chartiers Park: sidewalk repair
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: demolish/install safety surface
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: furnish safety surface
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: Electro-Kote swings
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: furnish play structures
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: furnish safety surface
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: install fence around play structures
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: install play structures
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: new safety surface
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: demolish/install safety surface
  • Emerald View-Grandview Park: furnish safety surface
  • Fairywood Park: demolish multipurpose court and asphalt around play structures
  • Fairywood Park: furnish play structures
  • Fairywood Park: furnish safety surface
  • Fairywood Park: install play structures
  • Fairywood Park: new safety surface
  • Fairywood Park: new concrete curbing and sidewalk
  • Kennard Park: court repair with Armor Crack and color coating
  • Marmaduke Park: ADA bleachers for dek hockey rink
  • Mellon Park: new safety surface
  • Moore Park: sidewalk repair
  • Moore Park: recreation center stair replacement
  • Stratmore Park: sidewalk repair
  • Swisshelm Park: new safety surface

Looking forward, Pittsburgh also announced the upcoming park and playground projects in motion for 2018:

  • Ormsby Park: replace Parts
  • Ormsby Park: safety Surface
  • Esplen Tot Lot: safety Surface
  • Allegheny Commons Park: replace parts
  • Allegheny Commons Park: safety surface
  • Herschel Playground: new safety surface
  • Herschel Playground: paint structure
  • Herschel Playground: replace parts
  • Osceola Park: replace parts
  • Osceola Park: safety surface
  • Stratmore Parklet: new play structure
  • Stratmore Parklet: new safety surface
  • Tropical Park: replace parts
  • Tropical Park: safety surface
  • Vincennes Park: replace parts
  • Vincennes Park: safety surface
  • Woods Run Park: replace parts
  • Woods Run Park: safety surface
  • Seldom Seen Greenway: improvements
  • Brookline Park: park lighting upgrade
  • Allegheny Commons Park: sidewalk repair
  • Larimer Park: sidewalk repair
  • Leolyn Park: sidewalk repair
  • McKnight Park: sidewalk repair
  • Phillips Park: improvements
  • Paulson Park: sidewalk repair
  • Spring Garden Park: sidewalk repair
  • Stratmore Parklet: sidewalk repair
  • Wightman Park: improvements and green stormwater mitigation

“Pittsburgh is blessed with 128 playgrounds citywide,” Mayor Bill Peduto said of the new plans, “and we are doing our best to keep them fun and safe for all our children and families.”

A major initiative as part of the recent and upcoming plans is the installation of ADA-accessible swings, which will soon be available in 78 parks across Pittsburgh.

Mayor Peduto announced in December that the new swings would be coming to several are parks, and even unveiled the first of the installations at Mellon Park.

The new installations allow children who use wheel chairs to experience swinging without leaving their chairs.

The city also plans to complete some general park refurbishing by replacing old parts, upgrading lighting, repairing sidewalks and more.

Pittsburgh spent $2.8 million on playground improvements in 2017, and has budgeted $5.7 million for upgrades over the next 12 months.