Summer Beerfest takes over Stage AE

Stage AE in Pittsburgh’s North Shore is known for hosting concerts and intimate shows — but Friday and Saturday evening, it was the home to Summer Beerfest.

Brewery fans threw back a few cold ones over the course of the weekend while enjoying live music and food from local vendors.

Take a look at all the action in a video sent in by user Lisastalter1.

Craft beer connoisseurs can be seen crowding into the venue in the clip, enjoying drinks, and sporting some stylish pretzel necklaces.

To compliment all that beer, big names like Nakama, BRGR, Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck, and, as seen above, Some Freaking Bacon! made appearances in the form of food trucks and tents.

Non-food vendors peddling at Beerfest included LuLa Roe, Fireball Designs and Brain Bandz, according to Beerfest’s website.

More than 120 breweries, both local and national, showed up to Summer Beerfest.

Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest usually follows several months later at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.