Top 5 things people are talking about on Monday, February 12

Figure skater lands difficult move, makes Olympics history

History was made in jaw dropping fashion at the Olympics Sunday night.

American figure skater Mirai Nagasu delivered one of the most impressive moves for any skater, resulting in big cheers from everyone in attendance. Nagasu, 24, became the first American woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics. 

Johnny Manziel details alcohol abuse, depression

Johnny Manziel opens up about his alcohol abuse and depression in a rare interview.

The former NFL quarterback sat down with T.J. Holmes for a candid conversation that aired on Monday’s Good Morning America. Manziel explains how his struggles with alcohol led to his being out of the NFL after only two seasons in Cleveland.

Mardi Gras celebrations take over New Orleans

Parades, live music and more are in high gear in New Orleans, Louisiana as Fat Tuesday approaches on February 13th.

Crowds filled the streets while facing potentially unfavorable weather conditions to enjoy the celebrations.

Video from Sunshine Rogers on Facebook shows dozens of people lined up in the sidewalk while giving a close look at a parade.

Leslie Jones’ hilarious Olympic coverage goes viral

Leslie Jones — you gotta love her.

Ever since the Winter Olympics began in PyeongChang on Friday, the Saturday Night Live cast member has been filming and posting her own sports commentary to Twitter. In true Jones fashion, each video is positively side splitting — and many of them have gotten hundreds of thousands of views!

Take a look at a few of the hilarious clips below.

Three dead after helicopter crashes into Grand Canyon

A helicopter flying through the Grand Canyon crashed Saturday afternoon, killing three people and injuring four more.

According to ABC News, the aircraft was severely damaged in the crash, which was caused by unknown circumstances.

Onlooker Teddy Fujimoto captured footage of the accident’s fiery aftermath.

Among the deceased were veterinary receptionist Becky Dobson, 27; her boyfriend, Stuart Hill, 30; and his brother, Jason Hill, 32, according to the Associated Press.

All six passengers were from the United Kingdom.