UPMC, Pitt partner for new $200M immunotherapy center

UPMC is teaming up with the University of Pittsburgh to create a UPMC Immune Transplant and Therapy Center, as part of a new $200 million investment announced Tuesday.

The $200-million investment is a 3-year funding commitment for the new center, or ITTC, and is expected to created thousands of jobs.

The ITTC will be located a 5000 Baum Boulevard– a 240,000 square-foot building that will be transformed into “a world-class space for labs, offices, startup companies, and industry partners.”

The 8-story building at 5000 Baum was built in 1915 by the Ford Motor Company.

Research done in the ITTC will be dedicated to harnessing “the power of the human immune system to treat and cure a wide range of diseases.”

UPMC also says in a release the “ITTC is expected to commercialize new therapies more quickly, spreading these medical advances worldwide while generating funds for more scientific breakthroughs.”