Videos show Harvey havoc far from over

The city of Houston, TX was hit hard with more than 51 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey. With much of the nation’s eyes focused on Florida for the cleanup after Hurricane Irma, it’s easy to forget that Houston is still trying to dry.

Dale Spence, Houston resident, posted this video on his Facebook page Tuesday with the caption, “I never thought I’d be pressure washing the inside of my house.”

Spence’s home was one of many homes that took on several feet of water after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released water from reservoirs to avoid a failure of the dams’ levees.

Spence posted this video on Thursday, showing at least a foot of water remaining in his home. The video shows how high the water made it into his home. The bathtub still holds dirty water, counters are covered in slime, couches are already molding and Corvette is water-logged.

Michelle Edge Guillen also lives in Houston and remain flooded Monday. She posted this video with the caption, “This was after 5 inches of water had receded in the house.”

Guillen is having a hard time finding relief after Harvey. She applied for money from the Red Cross. She was denied.

Hurricane Harvey killed at least 74 people. There are at least 22 still missing in Houston, according to the Associated Press.