WATCH: Incredibly awkward cooking segment on Ellen

There was a super awkward cooking segment on Ellen’s show Wednesday. Ellen, joined by actress Nicole Kidman, brought celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis on the show to make artichoke arancini among other things.

It was incredibly awkward from start to finish, including the part where Kidman spits out her food.

De Laurentiis starts everything off bossily throwing demands and continues to throughout the entire segment. The segment is also riddled with jokes about balls and anuses.

Among that awkward dialogue comes when they make some pizza. De Laurentiis even says, ” This is not going the way I was hoping,” and calls Kidman “honey” during the pizza-making.

Kidman mentions cooking is supposed to be relaxing, but explains it is not for me. De Laurentiis asks why, Kidman explains she doesn’t know how to time everything. De Laurentiis fires back with, “Then don’t make so many things.”

They both fake smile throughout the whole thing, but the best part has to be when they taste the pizza. Ellen makes faces as she chews and sarcastically says, “That sure is good.”

De Laurentiis doesn’t even notice because she’s too busy correcting Kidman’s pizza. Then Kidman tastes the pre-made pizza and blatantly says, “It’s a little tough.”

De Laurentiis claims it had been sitting out for like 5 hours and “I hate doing these things for that reason.”

Kidman has the last laugh and says, “I know you’re not meant to criticize, but it’s a little tough” then spits out her food into a towel.