Water advisory forces cafe to adjust menu

The PWSA’s flush and boil advisory is not just affecting people at home, it’s affecting businesses. Business owners in town, especially those that are restaurant owners, are having to come up with creative ways to keep their businesses running.

Pear and the Pickle on Rialto Street in Troy Hill is one of those businesses affected. We talked to Bobby Stockard, owner of the cafe, who told us about some of the adjustments they’re making.

“It makes things difficult in here because water is a big part of what we do. Water is a big part of cooking,” Stockard said. “My guests need to be able to access fresh water to wash their hands. I need to be able to access fresh water to prepare food.”

Stockard fills up giant pots of water to boil. It’s a never ending cycle of fill, heat, rinse, repeat.

Stockard is simplifying the menu to help as well. Things like chicken and sliced vegetables are not on the menu Thursday.

The good news is, the coffee is filtered and safe.

Stockard is just hoping the advisory will be over soon.