Woman goes on furious cheeseburger rant at Burger King

A customer dining at a Burger King caught a woman on camera who was furious because she believes there was attitude from an employee after her son ordered 10 cheeseburgers.

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Corey Matheny posted the video where the woman is heard yelling at employees from across the counter.

“He should see no attitude about how many burgers he ordered, because he paying for it,” she yells. “Get him his 10 cheeseburgers so I can go.”

The woman becomes more upset as the video continues.

“You have a problem because he ordered 10 cheeseburgers. We here and you got a job because of us,” she said. “Give me my 10 cheeseburgers that I paid for.”

After the employee attempts to explain himself, the woman accuses him of “disrespecting” her in front of her son.

The employee offers the woman a full refund, which she aggressively accepts before saying she will be calling the Burger King corporate office.