Woman retrieves shark from ocean pool with bare hands

Real estate agent Melissa Hatheier can now add “shark wrangler” to her resume — it’s already what her friends and the rest of the world are calling her.

On Monday, a video posted to Cronulla Real Estate’s Facebook page went viral when viewers realized the woman in the video, Hatheier, had scooped a shark out of an ocean pool with her bare hands, and thrown it back into the open water.

Take a look at the wild video below.

As the video begins, Hatheier swims uncomfortably close to a shark in an ocean pool, or a small body of water narrowly separated from the rest of the ocean.

Later, the videographer catches Hatheier pluck the little guy right out of the water, and throw it over a wall to set it loose in the sea. Crazy!

According to the ABC in Australia, it all went down in the rock pool at Oak Park in Cronulla, a suburb of Sydney.

Hatheier tells the ABC it was a pretty casual event.

“My mum swims there every morning with friends, and they rang me saying there was a shark, so I ran down there,” she says. “I saw it was just a little Port Jackson so I thought I should chuck him out. ”

After following the shark around for a bit, Hatheier eventually caught it. Port Jacksons are bottom-dwellers usually harmless to people, which is why Hatheier so fearlessly dived in after it. She says she wouldn’t have felt so inclined to be a hero if it was a great white.

Hathieier even went on The Today Show Australia to recount the tale.

A seasoned surfer, Hatheier tells the ABC she’s used to seeing little Port Jacksons swimming beside her.

“Surfing over the years, you know, you see them all the time,” she says. “They’re probably underneath you all the time.”

The gnarly footage has racked up more than 345,000 views in two days.